Spherical Porous Iron Powder

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Spherical Porous Iron Powder

According to the market demand, through the unique preparation process, we developed a new type of spherical porous iron powder (particle size 10~3000μm), which has good service life, suitable for long-term repair projects, at the same time reducing the number of injection and reducing cost; high porosity, large specific surface area, high reactive activity, and Strong reducibility (low ORP) ) and other characteristics can significantly improve the treatment efficiency of pollutants.

High permeability can not only be used in conventional soil and groundwater pollution repair process (in situ injection), but also used as active filler in the permeable reaction wall (PRB); higher adsorption capacity makes it have a wide range of applications.

According to customer needs, it can be customized according to the application direction / venue.

The Application of Spherical Porous iron powder in environmental remediation

• Applied to conventional soil and groundwater remediation process.
• As a permeable reactive wall (PRB) active filler (250~3000μm).
• Applied to the treatment of pollutants in industrial wastewater.
• As an active carrier, synergistic effect of other restorative materials can be improved.

iron powder

Product Features

• High reactivity, high specific surface area, high porosity, stronger reducibility (low ORP), significantly improving the efficiency of pollutant treatment.
• The duration of the effect is long and the number of injections is reduced.
• High permeability, can be used as PRB active filler.
• Higher adsorption capacity and wide range of applications.
•  A wide range of sizes can be customized according to the application direction / site.

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