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Sagwell Exhibits Preview for Marmomac 2022

Sagwell will be showcasing its superfine metal powders at Marmomac Stone fair which is taking place in Verona, Italy, from September 27–30, 2022.

Welcome to visit us at Marmomac 2022, Hall 7, Stand F11.

Pre-alloyed Powder For Cutting Products

Grade Chemical Analysis Features
SE-10A1 Fe:main component High iron base formula powder suitable for small saw blades.
SCF-10B Fe-Cu-Sn-Zn-P Good sintering activity.
Suitable for hot pressing furnace under 2-7MPa pressure.
The best temperature range is 880-920℃.
The hardness can reach 85-95HRB.
SCF-12 Fe-Cu-Sn-P Good fluidity, good formability and high green strength.
Suitable for pressureless sintering process.
The recommended temperature is 930-950℃.
SCF-08B Fe-Cu-Sn Good sintering activity.
Excellent cold pressing performance.
Moderate hardness and high strength.

Pre-alloyed Powder For Drilling Products

Grade Chemical Analysis Features
SUZ-06 Fe-Cu-Zn The carcass structure is delicate.
Good diamond holding force.
Obvious sandy characteristics.
A typical sharp material.

Pre-alloyed Powder For Grinding Block

Grade Chemical Analysis Features
SCF-11 Fe-Cu-Sn-P Good self sharpening.
Suitable for low-temperature sintering.
The best sintering range is 650-800℃.

Pre-alloyed Powder For Wire Saw

Grade Chemical Analysis Features
SCF-08A Fe-Cu-Sn-P Excellent cold pressing performance.
Moderate hardness and high strength.
700-900℃ wide sintering range.

Pre-alloyed Powder For Universal Products

Grade Chemical Analysis Features
DY-30 Cu-Sn Fine average particle size.
Good cold press formability.
Fine fracture structure (showing glossy shape).
High alloying degree.

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Of course yes. SAGWELL has more than 20 years experience in micro & nano metal powder materials, our technical team are ready to answer any questions you have.
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