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Working since 1999


SAGWELL has more than 20 years experience in micro-nano metal powder materials. Since its foundation, it has been focusing on the exploration of superfine metal powders, developing its own proprietary technology and creating the new technology for manufacturing micron-level metal powder. It has obtained a number of invention patents.

We 're doing a good job at the grading and controlling the size of micro nano particles, making powders has great compaction and sintering properties.

Specializing in the production of micro-nano metal powder, Sagwell is committed to the research and development of different application products in different application fields, and provide solutions and suggestions for different application products.

SAGWELL is made up of American company, metal powder factory and metal powder materials research center in China. Its core business is metal powder materials of micro-nano level.

The output of our production line exceeds 3,000 tons, and we also have test equipment for new product development and analog mass production.

Our Metal Powder

•  ISO 9001certified manufacturer
•  Implementation of environmental protection concept in our metal powder and production process
•  Quality and service are recognized by our customers worldwide
•  Our metal powder can be widely applied to PM, diamond tools, environmental remediation, electronic components and other industries.
•  Produced by chemical method

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metal powder show

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Our Concept

Based on the concept that the technology innovation of the basic industrial raw materials promote the progress of the traditional industries, SAGWELL was devoted to the research and development of superfine metal powder materials since 2000.

With its own intellectual property, and independent research and development , SAGWELL produced the series of superfine metal materials, such as micron superfine pure iron powder, micron superfine pre-alloyed powder,micron copper powder, and nano-sized lithium iron phosphate, etc.

Mission & Values

Producing high quality powder to make our customers more efficient!

Becoming the preferred partner in the market of high quality metal powder!

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