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alloy powder

Superfine Pre-alloyed Powder

We supply a series of iron base superfine pre-alloyed powders, such as Fe-P, Fe-Ni, Fe-Cu-Sn, Fe-Cu-P, Fe-Cu-Ni-Sn, Fe-Zn for many applications in a wide range of industries: diamond tools, electronic components, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, wave absorbing & shielding materials, new composite materials


  • alloy powder Made by chemical way
  • pre-alloyed powder Laser particle size of 3~10 um
  • alloy powder Similar like spherical particles
  • pre-alloyed powder Homogeneous particles & components
  • alloy powder Excellent compaction & sintering properties
  • pre-alloyed powder Low oxide pre-alloyed powders
  • alloy powder Stable & repetitive batch production

alloy powder

Pre-alloyed Powder Series

Here only shows our regular series products, feel free to contact us for more product information.

Composition Grade D50(μm) Hardness(HRB)
Fe-Cu-Sn-Ni SFN-10 5.2-8.5 95-110
Fe-Cu-Sn-Ni-P Kind4-1234 5.2-8.5 95-110
SHN-01 3.0-5.0 95-105
Fe-Ni Kind2-1318 4.5-6.0 85-105
SFN-01 3.0-5.5 85-95
SFN-02 8.0-12.0 95-105
SFN-06 3.8-7.2 95-105
Fe-Zn SUZ-01 22.0-28.0 95-102
SUZ-03 25.0-35.0 105±3
SUZ-50 12.0-18.0
Fe-Cu-Sn SCF-07 4.5-8.0 95-110
KIN-04B 12.0-18.0 95-105
Fe-Cu-Sn-P SCF-11 4.5-8.0 80-90
  SCF-12 22.0-28.0 95-105
Fe-Cu-Zn-Sn-P SCF-10B 22.0-28.0 100±5
Fe-Cu-Zn-Sn-Ni-P SCF-10B+ 15.0-25.0 105±5

Medium and High Grade Pre-alloyed Powder

Grade Composition D50(μm) Hardness(HRB)
KIN-01 Cu-Co-Sn-Zn 8.0-15.0 84-90
KIN-05 Fe-Cu-Co-Ni-WC. 3.5-5.5 105-110
KIN-05B Fe-Cu-Co-Ni-Sn-W 4.0-8.0 100-110
KIN-06C Fe-Cu-Co-Sn-P 5.5-8.0 95-105
KIN-10 Fe-Cu-Co 8.0-15.0 85-95
KIN-15 Fe-Cu-Co-Ni 3.0-4.5 104-107

Pre-alloyed Powder For Diamond Tools

Micron grade series of superfine pre-allloyed powder produced by chemical way is with tiny laser particle size of 3~10um, homogeneous particle size, good cold press molding, good wear resistance, high sintering activity, broad scope for application temperature(700~900°C).

In the adaptive temperature range, the sintered matrix has good structural homogeneity and density, and the sintering hardness is 85~100 HRB, the bending strength is more than 1000 MPa.

The prominent characteristics of our powder are good comprehensive mechanical performance and wide application, which is suitable for making high-grade granite cutting & grinding tools, saw blades, engineering drill bit, ceramic cutting & grinding tools, etc.

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Can we get technical advice?

Of course yes. SAGWELL has more than 20 years experience in micro & nano metal powder materials, our technical team are ready to answer any questions you have.
If you are not sure which product is the best for you, we'll recommend the corresponding products for your needs.

Can I get a sample for testing?

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