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alloy powder

Superfine Pre-alloyed Powder

We supply a series of superfine pre-alloyed powders, such as Fe-Cu, Fe-Ni, Fe-Cu-Co, Fe-Cu-Sn, Fe-Cu-Ni-Sn for many applications in a wide range of industries: diamond tools, electronic components, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, wave absorbing & shielding materials, new composite materials


  • alloy powder Made by chemical way
  • pre-alloyed powder Laser particle size of 3~10 um
  • alloy powder Similar like spherical particles
  • pre-alloyed powder Homogeneous particles & components
  • alloy powder Excellent compaction & sintering properties
  • pre-alloyed powder Low oxide pre-alloyed powders
  • alloy powder Stable & repetitive batch production

alloy powder

Product Series

Can Replace Cobalt Powder

→ Kind4-1234
For small & medium saw blade, grinding tool. Excellent polishing/grinding/cutting performance.

Brittle Material

→ SPH-01
High sharpness. For wire saw, glass, ceramic tool. High hardness/Low strength.

Can Replace Co,Ni

→ SCF-02
High performance. Reduce the content of Cu. Excellent dry cutting performance.

→ SCF-06
Excellent cutting and drilling performance.

→ SFN-02
High performance. High bending strength.

→ SFN-06
High performance. High bending strength. Ultra high bonding strength.

Pre-alloyed Powder For Diamond Tools

Micron grade series of superfine pre-allloyed powder produced by chemical way is with tiny laser particle size of 3~10um, homogeneous particle size, good cold press molding, good wear resistance, high sintering activity, broad scope for application temperature(700~900°C).

In the adaptive temperature range, the sintered matrix has good structural homogeneity and density, and the sintering hardness is 85~100 HRB, the bending strength is more than 1000 MPa.

The prominent characteristics of our powder are good comprehensive mechanical performance and wide application, which is suitable for making high-grade granite cutting & grinding tools, saw blades, engineering drill bit, ceramic cutting & grinding tools, etc.