Iron Powder: ZB


For Diamond Tools
The structure of sintering is fine and uniform, similar to imported carbonyl iron powder. The section is brittle fracture structure, and the effect of cutting edge is good.

  • Awesome Image Good fluidity, cold pressing effect.
  • Awesome Image Anti oxidation treatment.
iron powder


Grade Fe(%) O(%) D10(μm) D50(μm) D90(μm) Hardness Bending Strength
ZB ≥98.3 ≤1.10 1.2-2.8 3.0-4.8 5.3-7.6 Max: 90.5 HRB Max: 1105 MPa
ZF ≥98.2 ≤1.15 1.0-1.5 2.5-3.5 4.2-5.2 Max: 97 HRB Max: 1176 MPa