Pre-alloyed Powder: SCF-07

Pre-alloyed Powder: SCF-07

    Superfine iron - copper - tin pre-alloyed powder, the average particle size of the powder is 2000 mesh, D50 is 4.5-8.0 microns. High hardness and low strength, fine and uniform structure.

  • Awesome Image It can make the matrix have better self-sharpness.
  • Awesome Image Good brittleness, for hard, brittle processing objects, the effect is obvious.
  • Awesome Image With very good grinding, cutting, drilling performance, comprehensive performance.

Chemical Analysis

Grade Fe(%) Cu(%) Sn(%) O(%) N(%)
SCF-07 61.0-65.0 25.0-29.0 Bal. ≤0.70 ≤0.05

Physical Properties

Grade D10(μm) D50(μm) D90(μm) Apparent Density(g/cm3) Tap Density(g/cm3)
SCF-07 1.5-4.0 4.5-8.0 8.5-15.0 1.4-2.4 3.0-4.0