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Iron Powder: TUA-1

Backing Powder Of Laser Welding

  • Awesome Image High purity, high strength, high toughness, and high density.
  • Awesome Image Uniform particle size, stable quality, and small fluctuations in sintering process.
  • Awesome Image The iron powder can be 100% used as backing powder of laser welding products, and the tooth strength value is 2-3 times higher of the EN standard.
  • Awesome Image Recommended temperature range for hot pressing sintering: 800-900℃.

Iron Powder: TUF

Special Material For Free Sintering

  • Awesome Image Fine particle size (average particle size 5000 mesh), uniform particle size, high purity, high activity, and good self-shrinkage during sintering.
  • Awesome Image During cold press 250-350 MPa, relative green density reaches 60-70%, during free sintering 930-950 ℃, relative density can reach 90%.

Iron Powder: S86

High Sharpness

  • Awesome Image Superfine iron powder for sharpening cutting tools.
  • Awesome Image Hard and brittle organizational structure, adding 20-30% powder can effectively improve the hardness and self sharpening of the matrix.
  • Awesome Image Specially suitable for sintering iron-based saw blades, characterized by dry cutting and sharpness.

Iron Powder: S54

High Abrasive Performance

  • Awesome Image Superfine iron powder for improving abrasive performance of the tools.
  • Awesome Image The powder sintered body exhibits typical toughness characteristics in the temperature range of 750-900℃. The fracture and bending morphology of the sintered body is mainly anti bending, and the microstructure has a deep toughness pit, highlighting abrasive performance in tools.
  • Awesome Image Specially suitable for use on grinding tools such as floor grinding, with good protrusion and abrasive performance.


Grade Fe(%) O(%) C(%) N(%) D50(μm) Hardness Bending Strength
TUA-1 4.7-5.7 80±5 HRB 1050±80 MPa
TUF 3.2-4.2 85±10 HRB 1050±100 MPa
S86 97.5 <1.0 20-25 98-103 HRB 850-1000 MPa
S54 >98.7 <0.5 20-26 60±5 HRB 900±150 MPa