Pre-alloyed Powder: SUZ-01

Pre-alloyed Powder: SUZ-01

    Superfine iron and zinc pre-alloyed powder with average particle size of 400-600 mesh has high physical and mechanical properties.

  • Awesome Image Improve the utilization rate of zinc and avoid the concentration segregation of zinc.
  • Awesome Image Improve the mechanical strength of FeCuZn alloy and improve the holding force of diamond.
  • Awesome Image Reasonable cost space can reduce the dosage of Cu and Sn in the formula, or even not use Sn.
  • Awesome Image Reasonable sintering process can achieve higher sharpness and output.

Chemical Analysis

Grade Fe(%) Zn(%)
SUZ-01 Main Component 8.5

Physical Properties

Grade D50(μm) D90(μm) Apparent Density(g/cm3) Tap Density(g/cm3)
SUZ-01 ≥10.0 ≤100.0 0.9~1.6 1.8-2.6