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Iron Powder: UHA

Replacing Carbonyl Iron Powder
Improve the wear resistance of the tool

Copper Powder: X-Cu

High purity(>99.5%), low impurity content
Fine particle size

Pre-alloyed Powder: Kind2-1318

High hardness
High bending strength

Iron Powder: UHB

Replacing Carbonyl Iron Powder
Increase the holding power of diamond

Iron Powder: UHD

High reactivity at low temperature
Fine particle size and good fluidity

Pre-alloyed Powder: Kind4-1234

For small&medium saw blade, grinding tool
Excellent grinding/cutting performance

Iron Powder: UHF

Help improve the durability & sharpness for tools.

Iron Powder: UIF

Higher adsorption capacity
Significanty reduce the remediation time

Pre-alloyed Powder: SFN-02

Can replace Co/Ni
High performance

Iron Powder: UI-100

For thermal batteries and heating medicament
Extremely high reactivity

iron powder

Iron Powder: DT / HH

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Pre-alloyed Powder: SFN-06

Can replace Co/Ni
High bending strength

Iron Powder: zb

Similar to imported carbonyl iron powder
Good fluidity, cold pressing effect

Iron Powder: zf

Replacing Carbonyl Iron Powder
High strength/High hardness

Pre-alloyed Powder: SCF-02

Can replace Co/Ni
Reduce the content of Cu

Iron Powder: SE-02

Eco-friendly. For segment, saw blade
Reduce the content of Cu

Iron Powder: SE-03

For cold pressed saw blade
Improve the service life and sharpness of tools

Pre-alloyed Powder: SCF-06

Can replace Co/Ni
Excellent cutting and drilling performance

Iron Powder: SR-B

Excellent wave absorption performance within 2-10GHZ frequency

Iron Powder: UHF-P

Replacing Carbonyl Iron Powder
High bending strength above 800℃

Pre-alloyed Powder: SPH-01

High sharpness
For wire saw, glass, ceramic tool

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