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Metal Powder

SAGWELL has more than 20 years experience in micro & nano metal powder materials. Since its inception, the company has been focusing on the exporation of superfine metal powders, developing its own proprietary know and how, and pioneering in novel chemical technologies to make micron scale metal powders.

SAGWELL produces series of superfine metal materials, such as micron superfine pure iron powder, micron superfine pre-alloyed powder, micron copper powder, etc.

Through our own patented technology, unique powder manufacturing method and strict production control, we can achieve precise particle size control and stable mass production, especially in the field of micro powder between 0.5-20 microns, free particle size control and large-scale production.

iron powder

Superfine Iron Powder

Superfine Iron Powder

• 0.5-20μm similar like spherical particles
• High purity iron powders
• Stable batch production

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copper powder

Superfine Copper Powder

Superfine Copper Powder

• The fluidity is good
• The color is rosy
• The particle can be customized

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pre-alloyed powder

Superfine Pre-alloyed Powder

Superfine Pre-alloyed Powder

• 3-10μm similar like spherical particles
• Made by chemical way
• Low oxide pre-alloyed powders

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SAGWELL's metal powder can be widely used in powder metallurgy, chemistry, diamond tools, environmental remediation, electronic components and other industries.

50% cost, meet 100% efficiency

Following the international standards for quality certification

SAGWELL was founded in 1999. We focus on the research and production of micron and nanoscale metal powder by following
ISO 9001 standard.

Our products are well-known in Chinese market, and has exported to 20+ contries like USA, France, Australia, India, Korea etc.

sagwell's metal powder sold worldwide

Have some questions?

How can I get the datasheet or know the price?

Please send email to [email protected] or go to the contact us page and you'll find a feedback form.

Can we get technical advice?

Of course yes. SAGWELL has more than 20 years experience in micro & nano metal powder materials, our technical team are ready to answer any questions you have.

If you are not sure which product is the best for you, we'll recommend the corresponding products for your needs.

Can I get a sample for testing?

Yes, we offer free small sample for testing, feel free to contact us.


Full range of after service, follow up your feedback and provide timely adjustment of formulation.

Quality Assurance

Advanced equipment and mature technology make production process and batch quality stable.

R & D Strength

Customizable development & production, aim to meet and exceed customer requirements.

Latest News

pre-alloyed powder for diamond tools
26 Sep 2023

Exhibited at MARMOMAC 2023

At MARMOMAC 2023, Sagwell showcased diamond tools such as grinding wheel, stone saw blade, and universal saw blade made of its own metal powder.

The tools are made of pure iron or high iron matrix, and do not use or reduce the use of metal elements such as cobalt and nickel... ...

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sagwell metal powder show
25 May 2021

Sagwell Micro & Nano Metal Powder Exhibited at PM China 2021

At PM China 2021, 23-25th May 2021, Sagwell showed a series of fine iron powder and alloy powder for free sintering of diamond tools and for PM spare parts. Sagwell also introduced the filling effect of their metal powder.

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Visit us at MARMOMAC. Verona Italy, 26-29 Sep 2023. Booth: Hall 7 Stand F11

May 18 2023

Visit us at China ZhengZhou International Abrasives & Grinding Expositon. 20-22 Sep 2023. Booth: A27

May 18 2023

Visit us at MARMOMAC. Verona Italy, 27-30 Sep 2022. Booth: Hall 7 Stand F11

Jul 15 2022

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